Game List

Nova Blitz

A CCG that is going to be on-chain this September and already playable. It has many hardcore fans especially in Japan. Unofficial tournaments are being held regularly.


Gods Unchained

A CCG that has gone viral recently. The game is not playable as of August 2018 but the beta test will start in September. The first world championship will be held next year which prize is up to 1.6 million dollars.


Zombie Battleground

A CCG that is on beta phase being developed by LOOM network. LOOM is famous for its blockchain technology. They already raised thier capital through kickstarer.


Contract Servent

A CCG that is being developed by Japanese company. The developer, Axelmark already has a good record with mobile game industory.



A game that you can collect dragons and have them participate a race or other mini-games. They have a partnership with a blockchain game platform, Fair.Game.



A game that integrates AR and strategy game in a blockchain. You can image Clash Of Clans with PokemonGO. CrazyChain is already on it and actively exchange information.