What is Crazy Chain?

What is Crazy Chain?

There are so many games that you can play for free but crypto gamers are crazy for playing games that needs crypto currencies. We are a gamers guild that focuses on crypto games. Please join and connect with us as a part of the chain!

Our purpose

– Spreading crypto games

– Beating crypto games

– Shareing crypto games information

These are our main activities but first of all, our most important purpose is to enjoy crypto games. We spread crypto games as we enjoy them. We are also going to hold various events.

Benefit of Joining us

– You can get information of crypto games fast since we have many players
– We can share our crypto assets during tournaments(ie. Gods Unchained World champinship tournament)
– You might be able to get sponsors
– We might have closed events in the guild
– You can make friends in a crypto games community

How to join

We don’t have any requirement for joining the guild.All we need is members who can enjoy, play and share information about crypto games. Just join our Discord-Crazy Chain-

Our policy

We don’t have an administrator. All members have the right to involve with the decision of the guild’s policy. We don’t force you anything but spammers, haters and people who can’t respect others will be banned.